In The Loop & Under The Radar

Those of us who live in the unique south west desert of Utah have learned to appreciate the fragile beauty of this incredible landscape. This is a beauty tempered by extremes. At times those extremes can test a person and their resolve to inhabit this remarkable area. There may be challenges for sure but for us  who call it home...there is no place on earth like it. 

 Need a reminder why we are here? Take a step outside your door and discover the life that surrounds you. Reach across cultures and extend a welcoming hand. You will soon remember why you choose southern Utah. Do you have friends or  family who question your sanity for living in such a place? Or just don't get it? Do them a favor and send them a taste of life down south, courtesy of Jeremiah Barber Photography. Click on the links below and forward them to the skeptics in your life and let the envy begin.

Some naysayers made need a bit more convincing... this one is for them.